Roberts, Henry

Place of Birth: London

Date of enlistment: 11 November 1872

Age given at enlistment: 22 9/12

Rank: Private

Company: I

Location on 25 June 1876: With Custer's column



Name, date and place of birth not yet verified.

Another Unidentified Trooper from London

  • Henry Roberts said he was age 22 years 9 months and born in London, when he was enlisted by Captain Samuel Young at Toledo, Ohio, on 11 November 1872. Records show he had blue eyes,  light hair,  a light complexion, was 5′ 9″ tall, previously employed as a labourer.
  • He was sent to the St Louis Depot where he was transferred to the 7th Cavalry on 22 November 1872 and assigned to Company L, which was on Reconstruction duty in Yorkville, South Carolina.
  • Roberts was with his company on the Yellowstone Campaign (1873) and the Black Hills Expedition (1874).
  • He was killed with Custer’s column at the Battle of the Little Big Horn and listed as Henry Roberts on the battle monument.
  • Final Statement of Henry Roberts signed by 1st Lieut. W.S. Edgerly, Commanding Company, at Fort Abraham Lincoln on 31 January 1877.
  • For retained pay under act of May 15, 1872 … $27.15 
  • For clothing not drawn in kind … $92.71
  • Proceeds of sale of effects [April 26, 1877] … $7.00
  • For clothing … $o.64
  • For tobacco … $1.14
  • The above statement does not take into account basic pay due for the period May 1 to June 25, 1876.
  • His true identity has not yet been established.
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