Widows and Children made fatherless as a result of the Battle of the Little Big Horn

Elizabeth "Libbie" Custer in mourning.

Widows as Fort Abraham Lincoln - An Illustration by E. Lisle Reedstrom.

   The hope of final victory
   Within my bosom burning
    Is mingling with sweet thoughts of thee
    And of my fond returning
    But should I n’eer return again
    Still with thy love i’ll bind me
    Dishonors breath shall never stain
    The name I leave behind me

  • Name of Deceased-Rank-Assignment-Country of Origin-Name of Widow-Name of Child


  • Baker, William H-Private-E-USA-Nancy E Broadway (divorced)-Minnie
  • Bloody Knife-Guide-Quartermaster-USA (Dakota Territory)-She Owl-a son
  • Bobo, Edwin, 1st Sergeant-C-USA-Missouri Ann Wycoff-Charles; Frank
  • Bob Tail Bull-Private-Indian Scouts-USA (Dakota Territory)-Bear Woman-3 children
  • Bouyer, Mitch-Interpreter-QMD-USA (Dakota Territory) Magpie Outside-Mary: Thomas
  • Botzer, Edward-Sergeant-G-Germany-“Mrs Brushes’ dau”-None
  • Butler, James-1st Sergeant-L-USA-Mary ?-None
  • Calhoun, James-1st Lieutenant-C-USA-Margaret “Maggie” Emma Custer-None
  • Crisfield, William B-Private-L-England-Mary Blanchstone-Edward; Albert; Paul
  • Custer, George A-Lieutenant Colonel-Staff-USA-Elizabeth “Libbie” Bacon-None
  • Custer, Thomas W-Captain-C-USA-Not married-Thomas (putative)
  • Darris, John-Private-E-USA-Mary E Topping-2 children
  • DeWolf, James M-Acting Assistant Surgeon–Staff-USA-Frances “Fannie” J Downing-None
  • Dorman, Isaiah-Interpreter-Quartermaster-Unknown-Visible-None
  • Dose, Henry-Trumpeter-G-Germany-Anna Elizabeth Hahn (aka Fettis)-Hattie, Charles
  • Finley, Jeremiah-Sergeant-C-Ireland-Ellen E Boyer-Mary Ellen; William Henry; Jeremiah
  • Gilbert, William H-Corporal-L-USA-Mary Kittinger-Rudy
  • Harrington, Henry-2nd Lieutenant-C-USA-Grace Bernard-Grace
  • Hohmeyer, Frederick-1st Sergeant-E-Germany-Mary ?-Lizzie; William; Lena; Nellie
  • Hughes, Francis T-Private-L-USA-Mary Jane Madden-William; Francis; Charles
  • Hughes, Robert H-Sergeant-K-Ireland-Annie ?-Maggie (step-daughter);Miles; Thomas.
  • Kellogg, Marcus H-Civilian Reporter-Staff-Canada-Martha Robinson (dec’d); Cora; Martha
  • Kelly, John-Private-F-USA-Not known-3 children
  • Kelly, Patrick-Private-I-Ireland-Ellen Flynn-Susan; Ellen (step-daughters)
  • Klein, Gustav-Private-F-Germany-Not known; Anton; Catharina; Mathias; Franziska
  • Kramer, William-Trumpeter-C-USA–Elnora ?; Oren
  • Little Brave-Private-Indian Scouts-Not known-Not known-Not known
  • McElroy, Thomas F-Trumpeter-E-Ireland-Nora ?-Thomas
  • McIlhargey, Archibald-Private-I-Ireland (Northern)–Josie ?-Archibald; Rosie
  • McIntosh, Donald-1st Lieutenant-G-Canada-Mary “Mollie” Garrett-None
  • Meador, Thomas-Private-H-USA-Eliza ?-None
  • Mitchell, John E-Private-I-Ireland-Catherine Agnes Clemens-Anna; Catherine
  • Porter, James E-1st Lieutenant-I-USA-Eliza Frances Westcott-David; James
  • Post, George-Private-I-USA-Maggie ?-None
  • Rogers, Walter B-Private-L-USA-Emma ?-None
  • Selby, Crawford-Saddler-G-USA-Mary Elizabeth Beck (divorced)-None
  • Smith, Algernon E-1st Lieutenant-A-USA-Henrietta “Nettie” Bowen-None
  • Staples, Samuel F-Corporal-I-USA-Annie ?-None
  • Symms, Darwin-Private-I-Canada-Isabell Smith-None
  • Warner, Oscar T-Private-C-USA-Sarah ?-None
  • Way, Thomas N-Private-F-USA-Rebecca ?-None
  • Wells, Benjamin J-Farrier-C-USA-Sarah ?-Charles
  • Wild, John-Corporal-I-USA-Annie Dawson-None
  • Wilkinson, John K-Sergeant-F-USA-Anna Howard-None
  • Yates, George W M-Captain-F-USA-Annie Gibson Roberts-George; Bessie; Milnor

Note: The author wishes to establish an accurate database of the widows and the children made fatherless as a result of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.  As stated in the Introduction, any  amendments, corrections or additional information to the above list would be most gratefully received, via the ‘get in touch’ form on the Contact page.

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