Lloyd, Frank J.

Place of Birth: London

Date of enlistment: 12 February 1872

Age given at enlistment: 23

Rank: Sergeant

Company: G

Location on 25 June 1876: At Fort Abraham Lincoln


The biography of Frank James Lloyd has been temporarily withdrawn but will be reinstated at a later date. (Webmaster, 29 May 2016)

Geoff Topliss writes: At the Reno Court of Inquiry in 1879, Major Reno called Sergeant Ferdinand Culbertson, of the 7th Cavalry’s Company A, as a witness. Under oath, Culbertson related a strange tale that he alleged had taken place as the remnants of Reno’s battalion were crossing the river, under Indian fire, in their retreat from the Valley fight. Culbertson recalled Sergeant Lloyd, pleading with Captain Thomas French to organise some kind of rear-guard to check the pursuing Indians and to cover Reno’s command during the river-crossing, ‘I’ll try, I’ll try’ said French, according to Culbertson, and then promptly fled the scene and followed Reno up the hill.

As we have seen Frank Lloyd, the only sergeant of that name in the 7th Cavalry at the time, was Acting Post Sergeant Major at Fort Abraham Lincoln on the day of the battle: hundreds of miles from the Little Big Horn. Was Culbertson confusing Lloyd with another sergeant? Or was Culbertson’s story designed to discredit French? At the time the unhappy captain was undergoing his own court martial, but he had disclosed to the press that he intended to testify at the Reno Court of Inquiry; if he had done so his testimony would have been hostile to Reno. If this was the case, then Lloyd would have been chosen to be the man who made the suggestion to French, because by that time he had left the regiment, and his whereabouts [we assume] were unknown. He could not have been called to testify and be cross examined; that is to say it would have been French’s word against Culbertson’s.  (Culbertson in Reno Court of Inquiry Transcripts, p. 323.)

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